What is a movement?

When we think of movements, we often think of social movements that rocked the world as we know it - women’s right to vote, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, the fight to protect the environment.

Any successful movement, one that truly thrives and moves the needle, has two key ingredients: passionate storytellers and powerful messaging.

Healthcare companies are rocking the world as we know it. They are delivering game changing innovations that are redefining how we live. These innovations should be highlighted, championed, and elevated. These innovations deserve movements.

What’s the recipe for success for any healthcare movement? 

The passionate storytellers whose lives have been forever changed.

The patients.

For the past decade, the Patient Authentic team has perfected the art of building healthcare movements and developed a proven formula that weaves the patient voice in from start to finish. And we're ready to bring our expertise to amplify the impact of your team's patient-facing work.

Ready to build movements?

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