Developing a COVID 19 resource

withTransplant COVID-19
Community Coalition

The Ask

Support the Transplant COVID-19 Community Coalition in the development of a COVID-19 resource for the transplant community.

The “Master Class” was born out of my personal experience taking courses on Udemy during the COVID-19 pandemic. I love liberating ideas from industries outside of healthcare to innovate within.

The Approach


Provided strategic recommendations on the website resource development and also provided direction on the resource’s expansion via a webinar series.  

Content Development

  • Website:
    Built out the website content structure with a focus on the areas of highest unmet needs for the community and sourced timely and relevant content to keep the website up to date with the ever-changing pandemic status.
  • Webinars:
    Provided direction on webinar content and panelist selection to build programming that addressed the transplant community’s most pressing questions and concerns. Webinars included notable medical experts, leaders from NIH and CDC, and patient advocates to ensure well-rounded, credible, and informative presentations.


To ensure the resource reached as many stakeholders as possible, I conceived and executed a series of press kits complete with pre-composed social media posts and email drafts along with custom graphics. These were distributed to members of the coalition for easy sharing with their respective communities.

The Results


Webinar registrations


Participants found webinar helpful


Website page views

To date, the web resource has generated over 7,900 page views, 1,000+ webinar registrations, and positive feedback from the community on the Coalition’s work with 97% of participants who took the post webinar surveys reporting that they found the content helpful.

These resources were able to provide much needed support to the community during uncertain times across a number of areas through the COVID-19 pandemic. Covering everything from financial and mental health resources to tackling vaccine questions and concerns, this holistic resource truly made a difference.

The COVID-19 Vaccine webinar was produced by Bad Ass Productions.

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