Building a Patient Advocacy Team

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The Ask

Revive my role as the former Head of Patient Advocacy Clara Health in a part-time capacity as a consultant.

The “Master Class” was born out of my personal experience taking courses on Udemy during the COVID-19 pandemic. I love liberating ideas from industries outside of healthcare to innovate within.

The Approach


As one of the founding members of team Clara Health, I served as the Head of Patient Advocacy responsible for conceiving and executing patient engagement strategy and ensuring the patient voice remained firmly at the center of the company. During my full-time tenure at Clara, I built an award-winning patient ambassador program geared towards raising awareness about the power of breakthrough research and launched the Patients Have Power campaign which generated millions of online impressions and enlisted support from pharma giants. 

Developed a year long strategy with a focus on re-energizing Clara’s relationship with the patient community with an eye towards diversity, equity, and inclusion and managed a team of three to execute the deliverables.

The Results


Webinar registrations


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A series of meaningful accomplishments were born out of the strategic plan including:

  • Established guidelines outlining how patient advocacy integrates within each department at Clara
  • Developed sales strategy centered around patient advocacy efforts 
  • Convened patient leaders to discuss COVID response and produced a series of content to tackle misinformation, vaccines, and highlight patient experiences through the pandemic
  • Increased engagement with Breakthrough Crew members and patient advocacy organizations
  • Leveraged the power of relationships with the patient community to help recruit for client clinical trials
  • Developed patient working groups in three core areas: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Content & Marketing, Policy & Protocol  
  • Established a small grants program to support non-profit partners and patient advocates

Since the founding of our company, Lilly has been key in shaping the way we collaborate with the patient community.

During her tenure at Clara, she created the award-winning Breakthrough Crew patient ambassador program, which was crucial in helping us build meaningful relationships with patient advocates and organizations. Lilly’s expertise in working across a variety of teams makes her perfect to integrate into any organization and identify key areas where patient advocacy can make the largest impact.

Sol Chen
Co-founder and President
Clara Health

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